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Re: Improper request followed by a proper request writes:
> Playing yesterday (Saturday), non-captain for the other team makes a
> request for a timeout, recognized by the ref as not being captain is
> hit with an IR.  Captain then requests and is granted a request for
> a timeout, legal?  I didn't think so, but the rulebook doesn't say
> otherwise.

Yes, this is legal.

USAV Indoor 1998-99 Rules
20.7 Improper Requests
Any improper request that does not affect or delay a game shall be
rejected without a penalty being charged unless repeated in the same
game [Rule 21.1.4].  
20.7 Commentary: A request for first or second time-out may be honored
     immediately subsequent to an improper request for substitution
     because of wrong player or excess individual or team
     substitution.  A proper request for substitution may be honored
     immediately subsequent to an improper request for excess

Although this does not specifically say "a proper request for timeout
may be honored immediately subsequent to an improper request for
timeout," the principle of "if not prohibited, it's legal" applies.

> In fact the rulebook commentary states that the following is all
> legal in a row: IR for a sub, legal timeout, legal sub, 

Yes, up to this point.

>IR for a timeout, legal sub, legal timeout

Hmmm.  I must disagree. Which commentary are you referring to?  As I
read it, all IR's are created equal. :-) The second IR would be
sanctioned as a TYC, even though it's a different type of IR.

> Doesn't mention consecutive requests... know the ref, bet him $1
> after the tournament that he should have disallowed the timeout. I
> paid him the $1 after not finding it in the rulebook, but told him
> not to deposit it yet :-)

21.1 Types of delay
        Any action of a team that delays resumption of the game or
        match is a delay.  It is a team delay to:
21.1.4 makes a second improper request in the same game [Rule 20.7]

This would draw a Team Yellow Card.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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