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Re: Successive Contacts on First Hit? writes:
> Had this happen during a match I was officiating (as a coach) at a
> 16U tournament this past weekend ...
> On a ball sent over the net by an opposing team, the defender ranges
> far to her left moving away from the net at the same time.  The
> defender forearm passes (digs) the ball up as she sprawls to a stop
> on the floor.  The ball goes up about 6-8 feet in the air and lands
> on the same player's back, bouncing off her back then hitting the
> floor.
> I signaled ball *in* (USAV Signal 2).  

And I assume you waited to whistle until the ball hit the floor to be
consistent.  :-)

> Should I have signaled 2 hits (USAV Signal 12)?
> My justification: It was one action to play the ball and the player
> never moved after she dug the ball up.  She was still in motion when
> the initial contact occured, slid to a stop, then the ball hit her
> in the back while she remained motionless on the floor.

I would've blown the play dead when the ball hit her back.  Once the
ball has gone 6-8 feet away from the player, I would consider any
additional contact (active or passive) as a separate attempt.

Interpreting it any other way would open up a can of worms.  What if
a teammate played the ball off her back?

An analogous situation would be a blocker at the net who blocks an
attacked ball straight up 6-8', she lands, and then the ball hits her
on the head.  Most would consider the passive "head ball" as the first
team contact rather than count it as part of the original block.

However, if you were to allow the "back ball" you described as part of
the original first contact in your scenario, you would have to rule
the "head ball" as part of the block.

I have this strong feeling that the "multiple contacts in a single
attempt" clause was intended for multiple contacts occurring in the
span of a second.   

> Wierd situation, no?!

A bit odd, indeed. 

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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