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Re: Rules Q: kill *then* fault (Ron King) writes:
> Can someone answer the following question: Player A hits a ball off
> the block and out-of-bounds for a kill, then lands with at least one
> foot fully in the opponents' court.  For the sake of argument, let's
> say the ball actually lands out before the player touches the
> ground. Or would that make a difference?
> Fair or Foul? Kill or Fault?

Hi Ron,

Yes, it makes all the difference.  In USA Volleyball indoor rules (and
all other indoor rule sets of which I'm aware), the play ends when the
ball lands out of bounds.  So, in your situation, once the ball lands
out, the center line violation is of no consequence.  

From the USA Volleyball indoor rules at  
    The rally ends with the referee's whistle. However, if the
    whistle is due to a fault made in play, the ball is out of
    play from the moment the fault was committed [Rule 13.2].
    12.2 Commentary: In the case of an inadvertent whistle,
    the rally is ended. The first referee must make a
    ruling that will not penalize either team.
    12.3 BALL “IN”
    The ball is “in” when it touches the floor of the playing
    court including the boundary lines [Rule 1.3.2].

In outdoor rules, it's a bit more complicated.  Under some outdoor
rulesets when no referees are used, there is a "continuation" rule
that would charge, say, a net contact violation on the follow through
of an attack even if the ball was down before the net contact

As always, consult your local tournament director to find out which
rules are actually being used for your league/tournament. 

> Ron King
> PS: Is there an archive of the rules questions and debates that appear
> in the NG periodically?

Yes, in fact there is!  See my web page below, 

or more directly, my rules-posting archive is located here:

As for full thread archives, you can find any newsgroup you want via
DejaNews.  Do a Power Search at the URL below, and specify for the forum, and any keywords you want at the

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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