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Re: Looking for sunglasses

"David Shatto" <> writes:
> I play sand V-ball and was wondering which type of sunglasses would
> be best.  I had a pair of Killer Loop glasses last year, they fit
> very well but seemed to scratch quickly. Since Killer Loop does not
> sell replacement lenses I am now looking for an alternate
> solution. Any suggestions and experiences would be appreciated.

As a recovering $7 sunglass devotee of many years, I'm almost ashamed
to admit I've been very happy with my Oakley M-Frames with the
(relatively) inexpensive gray heater lenses 

I haven't had any problems with scratches while playing, but I'm
pretty careful with them and keep them in the case when I'm not
wearing them.  In any event, replacement lenses are available.
Overall, the regular M-frame seems well-designed, but their hinges are
bound to break one day.  See the "Pro M-frame" model if this concerns
you a bunch.

You can save a lot of money buying them on-line or mailorder instead
of being gouged by your local Sunglass Hut, however, you will want to
try things on somewhere.  I bought mine by mailorder through a
national Sunglass Hut phone number.  Oakley's official on-line dealer
is here:

I think I paid around $80 last year for the M-frame with gray heater

You can also get a related model called the "Pro M-frame."  They seem
very cool if you're using the glasses exclusively for vball.  Since
they do not fold they'd be quite inconvenient for everyday use.
However, since they do not have hinges, they should be even more
durable than the M-frames.  

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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"So you're a Ref and an engineer? Oh that explains it...."

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