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Re: Rule Question - Beach - Hard Driven (Lsturt99) writes:
> Just trying to get a ruling nailed down regarding hard driven balls.
> I follow that under USAV rules that you can double the first ball
> over the net with the exception of playing it with the fingers.
> I also follow that in the event of a "hard driven" ball that the
> fingers can be utilized and that a momentary lift (beach dig/gator)
> is permissible.


> The questions that arise surrond defining the term hard driven ball.  
> Initially I was under the impression that the ball had to be hit
> with a lot of pace.  Then I was told that as long as the ball had no
> arc (i.e. it was not a shot) that the ball could be beach dug.

The rules state it pretty
simply.  Your initial impression was more accurate than what you were
recently told:

USAV Beach Rules, 1998-99: An exception shall be allowed during the defensive play of a
         hard-driven ball (an attack-hit or blocked ball traveling at
         a high rate of speed), as judged by the referee.  In that
         case, the ball may be momentarily lifted or pushed, provided
         the attempt is one continuous motion.

> A secondary issue has been introduced in the event that the ball
> hits the tape.  If the ball continues on with a slight speed
> reduction can it still be beach dug?  And what if the ball hits the
> tape and goes up in the air?

As I read it, the key is the speed of the ball just prior to your
defensive play.  The spirit of the rule is to keep the rally going and
allow the defense some latitude in bringing up an
otherwise-play-ending-attack--not to allow a sloppy play on a slow
moving ball.

If the ball it hammered into the net and sent straight up, I would not
consider it hard-driven for a defender who played it after it came
back down.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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