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Re: Credentials

"Paul Worden" <> writes:
> I'm fairly new to reading this newsgroup.  Will some of you folks
> who have been around a while please list your involvement in
> volleyball---just for the sake of curiosity.  Thanks.
> Paul Worden

Hi Paul,

Ah, what the heck.  

I've been playing organized volleyball since 1993, when I took
advantage of a free semester hour for a Volleyball class in my senior
year at the University of Dayton.  My wife, a former Div-I college
player, dragged me into my first league.  The coed team was using an
actual offense (6-2 as I recall). "The setter comes from where?"  "I'm
supposed to play defense where?"

I was introduced to USAV club ball by joining a "B" team in 1994.  I
received my Provisional referee rating that same year in the Lone Star
Region.  About the same time, I slapped up a bunch of stuff onto web
pages regarding Austin, TX volleyball, and became active in  I became a USAV Regional referee in 1996.

I came to Chicago in Dec of 1997, and joined a men's B USAV team up
here.  In 1997-98, I played BB club ball and became active in the
Great Lakes Region's fine family of officials.  Here's I've refereeing
USAV junior olympic club tournaments, the occasional a D-III college
match, and even had the honor of R2 duties on center court at the
WPVA's last stop in Chicago.

This weekend, I submit to Wally Hendricks' careful scrutiny at the
Midwest VB Officials clinic as I prepare for my Junior National
referee evaluation this year in New Orleans.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
Todd's Volleyball Referee Page
"So you're a Ref and an engineer? Oh that explains it...."

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