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Re: Lines

"Jacob Gillette" <> writes:
> Hi Todd
> I beg to differ.  I went to the posts that you mentioned and it seems that
> the "smush factor" should be taken into account
> I have snipped from those posts:
> *******************************************************
> The following rules interpretations / clarifications have been issued by
> Steve
> Robb, USA -National Rules Interpreter:
> (4) The definition under Rule 12.4 and 12.4.1 is worded incorrectly.  A ball
> is OUT when the ENTIRE ball contacts the floor completely outside the court
> and boundary lines.
> Wally Hendricks  ( of Illinois
> 217 333-6028  FAX 217 333-6028
> ********************************************************
> Please email me and well talk more.


I agree with you 100%.  I added some vague, and downright misleading
commentary, and have cancelled the original post.  I incorrectly
summarized the sum of Wally's original sentiments.  Here are some of
them that bear repeating without my wording to cloud the issue:

Wally Hendricks wrote on 1995/04/24: 

    There is no "50% rule."  If the point of contact of the ball
    touches the line, the ball is in.  If the point of contact of the
    ball is entirely outside the line, the ball is out.  Your eye will
    not be able to discern the point of contact from flattening of the

one day later, he stated:

    Lay the ball on the floor.  If no part of the ball is touching the
    line, it is out.  If it "shadows" but does not touch the line, it
    is out.  Judge the ball on its contact in the same way.  If the
    first contact does not touch the line, it is out.  Unless you can
    see things in slow motion, I don't know why all this matters.  You
    either see the ball hit the line or not.  You do not decide on the
    physics that the ball must have hit the line even though you
    didn't see it that way.

My sincerest apologies for botching this one.  I hoped we could avert
a simiarly drawn out thread.  Doh!

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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