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Re: New FAQ: In or Out? Ball Compression and the Sideline (space goat) writes:
> In article <>, Todd <> 
> wrote:
> > A1: You made the right call.  USA Volleyball rules on this matter
> >     simply state: "The ball is 'in' when it touches the floor of the
> >     playing court including the boundary lines....[The ball is out
> >     when] no part of the ball contacts either a boundary line or the
> >     area within the boundary lines."  Notice the  word choice:
> >     "touches the floor," "contacts" and "no part."
> Is there any similar rule in the various sets of outdoor volleyball 
> rules? I'm wondering if they're different since the lines are often 
> raised a bit off of the grass or sand.

Good point.  Outdoor rules add the clause "and it does not cause
boundary lines to move"  to their "out" definition.  

USAV beach rules: 
11.3 BALL "IN"
     The ball is "in" when after being put in play, its first contact
     with the ground is on the playing court or a boundary line.

11.4 BALL "OUT"
11.4.1 The ball is "out" when: after being put in play its first contact with the ground is
         completely outside the playing court and it does not cause
         boundary lines to move; 

I will add the word "indoor" to the FAQ text for clarity.

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