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Re: FAQ: options for a spiker

"Paul Worden" <> writes:
> Todd wrote in message ...
> > writes:
> >> What are the Four attack options a spiker could use???
> >
> >At the risk of being being
> >asked to do your homework?
> It seems to me that this and other newsgroups are for sharing
> information and ideas.  Just because it seems that someone may be
> asking homework questions is no reason to shut them out.  The
> question was posed in the interest of the asker's research.  Who
> says that the only way to do your homework is by reading it in a
> book.  Welcome to the information age, and this thing that lets us
> all discuss our beloved sport is supposed to be the information
> super-highway.

And as with traditional highways, there are guidelines, courtesies and
rules.  [towards end]

        "Please do not use Usenet as a resource for homework

Everyone on Usenet should have read the following documents at least

I'm quite happy to help folks with questions they've pondered for more
than 10 seconds on their own, and I'm even happy to nudge newbies into
reading the FAQ prior to leaping with a new post.  

These posts were especially obvious because they were posted in the
exact same form as I envision them on his homework paper.  Does a
player really care about an enumerated "4 options available to the
spiker?"  There were no introductory comments such as "I've been
thinking about these questions from my coach.  Here's what I have so
far, but I'd like to know what you all think."  Instead, we got the
equivalent of "Here's my homework problem.  Solve it for me."

> I commend the outside participant for using such a tool as
> to aid them in their quest for knowledge.  As
> to the answer to their question, I wish I could respond with
> intelligence, but alas I follow the rules more than the strategy.  I
> can offer no technical advice.

I have no issue that they are trying to learn from the group--that's
why we're all here...but posting verbatim homework assignments doesn't
demonstrate this motivation.


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