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Re: FAQ: options for a spiker writes:
> In article <>,
>   Todd <> wrote:
> > writes:
> > > What are the Four attack options a spiker could use???
> >
> > At the risk of being being
> > asked to do your homework?
> So I take it u won't help me , even though I ask the question
> because I have just recently taken up the game and my coach wants me
> to tell him my four attack options by next training. Thanks for your
> help! Because of you i know get to the spend the game on the bench!

And that's my fault?  Come, now.

Neither of your questions are completely specified, and would require
the community to attend your team's practices to
answer them the way your coach would like.  That's why it was rather
obvious you were posting verbatim homework questions.  

If the assignment is from your coach, odds are that the questions are
intended to reinforce something he specifically said.  There isn't a
universally accepted volleyball encyclopedia that lists 4 options
available to the attacker.

Attackers have loads of options, not just 4.  They can hammer the ball
line, hammer it angle, hammer it sharp angle (cut), tool off the
block, rifle the ball over the back line off the fingertips of the
blockers, tip over the block, place the ball with a roll shot over the
block, shoot the ball to the corner with a setting action....

                  Todd H.
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