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Re: 3rd hit does not clear net, but touched?

Joe Arkin <> writes:
> This brings up an interesting contrast in USAV/FIVB rules
> interpretation regarding a  block attempt.
> USAV still has a slight difference to FIVB in this regard which I, for
> one, would like to see changed to align with international rules. 
> USAV officials must make a judgement whether an overpassed (or 3rd
> contact) ball is either *attacked* or *blocked* by a player on the
> defensive side of the net.  We judge an *attack* if such a player
> takes a swing or shows any offensive motion (setting the ball downward
> or to one side or the other; cobra'ing; camel'ing; etc.).  FIVB
> officials do not need to make this judgement.  They assume any play on
> such a ball as a *block* and allow an additional contact by the same
> player afterward no matter.  If the defensive player traps the ball
> into the top of the net or outright mishits it into the net, that
> player has another opportunity to make the team's 1st contact as the
> intial play on the ball is assumed to be a block (defensive player
> near the net jumps and makes any attempt on the ball).
> I would like to see this interpretation used here (USA) as well.

I share this desire, but from what I've been told, it ain't gonna
happen any time soon.  I got this response to my renewed query in
article[ST_rn=ps]/getdoc.xp?AN=442095123 USAV
Rules interpreter Tom Blue responded with the following:

On Feb 8, 1999, Tom Blue wrote:
TomB> Todd:
TomB> Thanks for your continuing interest in this issue.
TomB> Nevertheless, nobody in the rule-making bodies feels compelled
TomB> to re-visit this question.  The volleyball community at large
TomB> does not seem to feel that changing the present interpretations
TomB> would benefit the game.
TomB> The feeling is that the referees are capable of judging the
TomB> difference between an attack versus a block when the ball is
TomB> about to, or actually does, penetrate the plane of the net.
TomB> More importantly, the players are aware of the difference.  A
TomB> change in the interpretation would have many consequences in the
TomB> manner in which the ball is played at the net and most of these
TomB> folks don't think the change would benefit the game.
TomB> Accordingly, there are no proposals at present to change the
TomB> manner in which this action is called.
TomB> Best regards,
TomB> Tom Blue

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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