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Re: What makes up a captain

I have no coaching experience, and this may be skirting the issue, but
perhaps what's important is what qualities the team finds most

Wouldn't it be best to let the team vote for the person whom they'd
like to lead them?  In the case you disagree with their decision, you
could always insert your pick as a co-captain.  

Todd S. Bubula) writes:> 
> Want to throw this out to the forum.  What would be the qualities you
> look for in a team captain?
> Personally, leading by example is a key.  I prefer to follow someone
> who sets a tempo in practice to follow.  Good attitude and desire are
> also things that would be pluses with me.
> However, what would you look for if you don't have those qualities from
> any one player on a consistant basis?  Would you look towards your
> Defense Speciallist/Libero to lead your team if she did possess those
> qualities?  Do you prefer to name your own captain or let your team
> choose instead and why?  
> Just curious as to the responses.
> Curt

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