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Re: Info volleyball division?

"pdelfosse" <> writes:
> I'm looking for the information about the different levels in the USA
> volleyball competition. Can you give me the names from the first
> division to the last one. (Ex. Belgium : Level 1 :Division1 ; Level 2
> :Division 2, ; level 3 :Division 3A, 3B, 3C; level 4: Promotion A,B,C,D;
> level 5 : Provinciale1, level 6: Provinciale2.)

Hmm.  This isn't as easy a question as you might think.  We, after
all, have so many different sanctioning bodies for volleyball here!

Under "club" adult-level competition sanctioned by USA Volleyball, the
levels are (highest to lowest) Open, AA (double-A), A, BB (double-B),
and B.  There are some age-specific divisions for adults such as
30-and-over, 35-and over, 70-and over, etc.  For more info, see

Junior Olympic competition sanctioned by USA Volleyball is by age
divisions.  18-years-of-age-and-under, 16-and under, 14-and-under,
etc.  For more information, see

US colleges/universities are divided into Division I, Division II, and
Division III, and their play is sanctioned by the NCAA (National
Collegiate Athletic Association).  Division I schools are the largest
universities, and are generally esteemed to be the strongest division.
That's not to say that a top D-III school counldn't beat a mediocre
Division-I team, however.  For more info on Division I, II and III
criteria, see

> Can you give me also the names of the types of players (in your country
> language)
> (ex. Spiker, setter......)

"Setter," "outside hitter," "middle hitter," "weak (i.e. right) side
hitter," "strong (i.e. left) side hitter," "defensive specialist," are
a few of the names for various positions.

This may be a personal obervation, but I've found the term "spiker" (a
synonym for "attacker" or "hitter") to be used only by recreational or
backyard-picnic level of players.  Similarly, the term "bump" (a
synonym for the forearm pass) is seldom used outside of these same
recreational circles (or grade school gym classes).

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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