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Re: 6-2 Rotation

Chuck Gilbert <> writes:
> Todd <> wrote:
> : As for co-ed strategies, the most successful co-ed teams I've seen
> : have 3 gargantuan heavy-hitting guys, with a female setter running a
> : 5-1.  When 2 females are in the front row, one of the gargantuan guys
> : from the back comes up to block.  If the remaining female in the front
> : row is vertically challenged, some teams simply run with two guys
> : blocking the entire length of the net.  
> : Note, it takes a special sort of female to be interested in playing on
> : such a team, as they're essentially relegated to
> : passing/setting/digging drones.  I really don't like playing this way,
> : but the highest-level co-ed teams I've seen seem to be effective with
> : this strategy.
> Back row blockers?????

Back-row blocker (singular), yes.  In USAV recommendations for indoor
mixed-six play, there is such a provision.

That is, one male back row player to play in front of the 3m line "for
the purposes of blocking only" during rotations in which there are two
female players in the front row.  

Unfortunately, this "mixed-six" section of the printed USAV rulebook
is not available on the web.

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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