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Re: 6-2 Rotation <> writes:

> Does anyone know of a website that explains the positioning
> (offense and defense) for a 6-2 rotation? Also if anyone
> has any strategies for a team that has 3 girls and 3 guys
> and 1 of the girls is inexperienced. (I am already aware of
> co-ed rotation)Thanks!

Schneid's page has some extremely helpful diagrams on this.

Offensive and Defensive Schemes:

Defensive responsibilities

As for co-ed strategies, the most successful co-ed teams I've seen
have 3 gargantuan heavy-hitting guys, with a female setter running a
5-1.  When 2 females are in the front row, one of the gargantuan guys
from the back comes up to block.  If the remaining female in the front
row is vertically challenged, some teams simply run with two guys
blocking the entire length of the net.  

Note, it takes a special sort of female to be interested in playing on
such a team, as they're essentially relegated to
passing/setting/digging drones.  I really don't like playing this way,
but the highest-level co-ed teams I've seen seem to be effective with
this strategy.

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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