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Re: Reverse Co-ed 4's - Men near the net writes:
> It's been a while since I read the 4-person rules but....
> In 4's
> 1)you don't rotate

Correct.  Only service order needs to be followed.

>all people are eligible for the front row and

While this is true in co-ed play on a men's height net, it is not true
in _reverse_ co-ed play which is played on a women's height net.
Also, in 4's beach play, there is no notion of front/back row.

In reverse mixed beach play, males may not attack the ball when the
ball is completely above the height of the net (unless it's hit with
an upward trajectory), nor may a male player participate in a block.

> 2)the ball only needs to be touched by a woman if there are more than 1
> team contacts(I still think these rules are sexist - woman are strong
> players and GOOD teams use them in the strategy without this "quota" -
> when are women going to stand up for themselves).

There is no such "girl" rule in USAV beach rules.  The rule you
describe is part of the USAV _indoor_ recommendations for mixed-six

More USAV  beach/indoor rule differences are documented here:

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
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