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Re: Reverse Co-ed 4's - Men near the net

Carl Anderson <> writes:
> We all agree that men cannot block in reverse co-ed.  I think the
> guts of our problem is defining what is and isn't a block.  For
> example, someone standing in front of the hitter right at the net
> with their hands over the net challenging the hitter is clearly
> blocking.  Someone standing five feet away with their hands up ready
> to beach dig is not.  Our problem is figuring out what to call on
> the guy stuck 1-2 feet from the net, mostly protecting his face, who
> reaches up in response to a hit, but wasn't challenging the hitter.
> Is location alone enough to define him as a blocker, or is location
> and intent necessary?

Ah...alright.  Then this reduces exactly to the "trapped back-row
setter" situation from indoor ball.  It's judgement on the part of the
referee, but the criteria are pretty simple.

USAV Beach Rules
18.1  Definition
Blocking is the action of player(s) close to the net to deflect the
ball coming from the opponent while reaching above the height of the

Did he reach above the net at any point during the effort?  If no,
then he can't be considered a blocker.  If yes, (even if flat-footed),
he could be considered a blocker.  

Is he standing beside another blocking player such that he might be
considered part of a composite block?

1-2 feet from the net, in my judgement is sufficiently near the net to
be considered a blocker.  

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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