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Re: Outdoor 2s Rules ?s (AVP vs USAV beach)

"Andrew Crabtree" <> writes:
> Could somebody fill me in on the specifics here ... there is much
> confusion among the group I play with over what rules to follow.
> Many prefer the AVA rules since they have rulesheets for them.  If
> you could fill in on differences between AVP, AVA, USAV, and FIVB I
> would appreciate it.

Not to fear.  It's confusing as heck. I'll limit the confusion to AVP
and USAV Beach rules.

I'd strongly recommend purchasing the USA Volleyball casebook (Call
719 637 8300.  to order).  In its outdoor section, there is a nice
table that details the differences among USAV, FIVB, and AVP rules.
There are minimal differences among AVA and AVP rules.  The AVA
rulebook is based on Matt Gage's AVP rule and coloring book (I'm not a
big fan of this rule a reference, it's excrement).

More info on outdoor rules can be found here:

The USAV beach rulebook can be found here:

A somewhat-dated copy of the AVP rules can be found here:

> I would prefer (since we play almost exlusively 2s sand) to follow
> the AVP rules.  The basic points of contention are the following.
> Is a block one of the 3 hits?  From my take on the USAV
> rules and from watching the AVP tourney last weekend I would
> say yes.

Yes, under both AVP rules and USAV beach doubles rules, the block
counts as one of the team's three contacts.

> Are you allowed to double the first contact over the net?  Including
> the serve or dinks?  I think yes with the exception that if you
> attempt to finger set then a double is a foul

AVP:  No double contacts, except for "driven ball":
     18.3  Successive Contacts     
     A player may not contact the ball twice successively with the
     exception of "driven balls" and contact while blocking.

USAV beach: Yes, multiple contacts in a single attempt allowable on
any first team contact provided finger action (i.e. setting) is not

    USAV Beach 1998-99
    13.4.2 A player may have successive contact with the ball during a
           single attempt to make the team's first contact provided
           the fingers are not used to direct the ball.
> Are you allowed to lift the ball?  I think yes only on a hard driven
> ball at the "refs" discretion.

Your interpretation is consistent with USAV beach rules, but not AVP.

    USAV beach: 
    13.4.3 The ball must be contacted cleanly and not held, lifted,
           pushed, caught, carried or thrown.  The ball cannot roll or
           come to rest on any part of the player's body.  It can
           rebound in any direction. An exception shall be allowed during the defensive play
             of a hard-driven ball (an attack-hit or blocked ball
             traveling at a high rate of speed), as judged by the
             referee.  In that case, the ball may be momentarily
             lifted or pushed, provided the attempt is one continuous
(Note that the serve is never contsidered a hard driven ball, as a
serve is not considered an attack-hit.)

AVP rules, however, do not allow lifting of driven balls:

    AVP rules (
    18.6Ball Contact
    B. The ball may contact multiple parts of the body provided such
       contact is simultaneous.
    C. A ball must be hit cleanly and not held, lifted, pushed,carried
       or thrown.
    D. A "hard driven" ball from an attack or from a blocked ball
       rebounding back into the attacker's court may be contacted
       multiple times in succession by a player if these contacts
       occur during one attempt to play the ball. This counts as one
       team contact. A "hard driven" ball may never be carried or
       allowed to come to rest.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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