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Re: Outdoor 2s Rules ?s (AVP vs USAV beach)

Todd <> writes:
> "Andrew Crabtree" <> writes:
> > Could somebody fill me in on the specifics here ... there is much
> > confusion among the group I play with over what rules to follow.
> > Many prefer the AVA rules since they have rulesheets for them.  If
> > you could fill in on differences between AVP, AVA, USAV, and FIVB I
> > would appreciate it.

I'd further add that FIVB and USAV beach rules are extremely similar
with respect to 2's play.  FIVB beach rules can be found at:

and can be compared to their US counterparts:

AVP and AVA rules, as I said in my previous posting are extremely
similar.  AVA rules contain some departures from AVP rules to make
them more suitable to amateur competition.  For example, under AVA
rules, I have a note that a block does not count as a team contact.
Be sure to double check this, as this note was made based on last
year's AVA rulebook.

See also:

which lists all the major rulesets for volleyball.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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