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Re: Setting over the net in quads

Matthew Strode Weaver <> writes:
> Will,
> I have encountered this rule here in the Seattle area as long as we have
> been playing outdoor, around 9 years.  The rule we always played with was
> true for all outdoor tournaments, no matter the number of people who were
> on the court.  The rule stated as you said that you can set the ball over
> as long as it is a legal set and and the ball goes directly where you are
> facing or directly behind you.  It should nor make a difference where the
> net is in rlation to you or your body position.  The only problem to the
> rule was when someone looked like they where trying to set their partner
> and the ball went over sideways.  In the past this was called an "overset"
> and was a sideout or point against the team that it happened to.  In
> recenet years it was changed to allow the ball to go ver sideways as long
> as the attempt was made to set the partner and not set it over, a refree's
> decision as to the intent of the set is necessary.  I do not know if these
> are printed as official rules anywhere but I do know that we played them
> in both Washington and Oregon this way for the past several years.  I hope
> this helps.

What you've explained is largely consistent with USA Volleyball beach
rules at

USAV Beach 1998-99
13.4 Characteristics of the Contact
13.4.4 A contact of the ball using the fingers of one or two hand to
       direct the ball toward a teammate is a set.  A player may set
       the ball in any direction toward his/her team's court.
13.4.5 For doubles and triples competition only:  If the ball is
       intentionally set into the opponent's court, the player must
       contact the ball with two hands above his/her shoulders and set
       it directly forward or directly backward with relation to
       his/her body.
13.4.5 Commentary:  A legal set directed toward a teammate that
       crosses the net because of elements is not a fault, regardless
       of the player's body position.

For complete details, check out the USAV beach rules at 

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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