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Re: And this is the problem with volleyball (was 'Setting over the net in quads')

jeromy john cottell <> writes:
> So if the ball is set towards the hitter in 2's (perpendicular to the
> setter), and the ball drifts over, what is the call if there are no
> refs?

Drift or not, if both teams agree that the set was perpendicular to
the setter's body (forward or back), there is no fault.  In fact, a
back set from a setter who's near the net facing away from the net can
be lethal to an unwary defender.

If the teams disagree on whether the ball's path was perpendicular to
the setter's body (and/or they disagree on whether the wind blew the
ball over), then you'll have to replay it, I suppose.

If the teams agree that the set was not perpendicular to the setter's
body, then USAV and FIVB rules force you to consider the wind.  If the
wind blew the ball over the net, it's still legal.  If the wind did
not blow the ball over the net, it's a fault.

> I would think that since the hitter is trying for the ball, the
> other team is preparing to dig, and has no chance to get the ball
> when it falls on their side.  Therefore the point (sideout) should
> be awarded to the team preparing to dig.

FWIW, these opinions are not supported by AVP, USAV or FIVB beach

USAV Beach 1998-99 (FIVB very similar)
13.4 Characteristics of the Contact
13.4.4 A contact of the ball using the fingers of one or two hand to
       direct the ball toward a teammate is a set.  A player may set
       the ball in any direction toward his/her team's court. Rotation of a set ball may indicate a held ball or multiple
         contacts during the set but in itself is not a faul.
13.4.5 For doubles and triples competition only:  If the ball is
       intentionally set into the opponent's court, the player must
       contact the ball with two hands above his/her shoulders and set
       it directly forward or directly backward with relation to
       his/her body.
13.4.5 Commentary:  A legal set directed toward a teammate that
       crosses the net because of elements is not a fault, regardless
       of the player's body position.

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                  Todd H.
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