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Re: AVP at Belmar Question - Balls and Setting

"Paul Bradford" <> writes:
> P.S.
>        I just read the online version of the AVP rules and I don't
>        seen anything about sets and spin. Is it in the rulebook,

Nope, not in the rulebook.  I'm still puzzling over where so many
folks have come up with the rote "if it spins forward more than 1.5
rotations, it's a double" rule.

>        or are refs just verballly told to call a double if there is
>        spin?

USA Volleyball refs are trained to judge the contact, and not the
result.  In the words of the USAV beach rulebook "Rotation of a set
ball may indicate a held ball or multiple contacts during the set but
in itself is not a fault."

I cannot speak to the training of AVP officials, but the AVP mindset
seems to be geared towards rather strict calling of double contacts.
I'd be interested to know what AVP refs are trained to do w.r.t. ball

Here are some other threads of the past on this subject:[ST_rn=ps]/getdoc.xp?AN=241367398[ST_rn=ps]/viewthread.xp?AN=412676954&search=thread&svcclass=dnserver&ST=PS&CONTEXT=931154489.123797504&HIT_CONTEXT=931154489.123797504&HIT_NUM=24&

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