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Re: Local modification to rally scoring?

"L. Ravi Narasimhan" <> writes:
> Thomas Simchak wrote:
> > ARRRGGGHHHH!!!  Come on guys, enough with all the statistical
> > jargon.  Please keep it simple enough for us poor uneducated
> > liberal arts types.  I can just imagine Rob and Ravi together
> > talking about stats.

Hell, I'm an engineer, and I couldn't make heads or tails out of that
post.  :-)


> But, to answer your point, Tom:  Use a killfile!

That seems a bit extreme.

Killfiles and scoring readers are useful for screening out posts that
are of no interest to you.  I think what Tom was conveying is that
he's interested in the discussion, but sometimes the statistical
jargon unnecessarily obscures the "point."

                  Todd H.

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