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Re: receiving a serve

"mike_daly" <> writes:
> Todd <> wrote in message
> > writes:
> > > Is it illegal to receive a serve with an overhead set?
> > >
> > There is a restriction under USA Volleyball beach rules that such a
> > set must not be double contacted.  As long as the set is clean (not a
> > double contact, not a lift), there is no problem:
> >
> >     USAV Beach 1998-99
> >     13.4.2 A player may have successive contact with the ball during a
> >            single attempt to make the team's first contact provided
> >            the fingers are not used to direct the ball.
> >
> > For the complete USA Volleyball rules (paying particular attention to
> > the "Playing the Ball" rule), see:
> >
> >
> To me this seems to say that you cannot use an open hand /overhead
> set.  I am going by the use of fingers part.

In the attempt to be completely accurate, perhaps I've obscured the

Under USA Volleyball Beach rules, you can legally receive the first
team contact with a set.  You just can't double contact it like you
can in USAV indoor rules.  That's what the "fingers" part of 13.4.2

Under USAV _indoor_ rules, you can also receive a first team contact
with a set.  Furthermore, it would even be legal to double contact
such a set (i.e. comes out spinning horribly).

                  Todd H.
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