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Re: National Ref's and Ball Handling Calls

"Bob Carlson" <> writes:
> In a match where the setters often mishandle the ball, my philosophy
> would be this: Call the worst 5-8 plays during the match.  This is
> enough to help the players improve and also enough to provide an
> advantage to the better setting team if indeed there is a
> difference, but not so much as to dominate the match.
> Bob

Sure, you'd like to call 5-8 ball handling errors over a 3-game match,
but predicting the future is the hard part about this.  

If you walk into a match in which the teams are unknown to you (albeit
you can always pick up ideas from warmups), it's impossible to know
the 5-8 worst plays without having first seen the entire match.  :-)

The challenge is this--the first ball handling call you make in the
match will set the tone for the rest of the match.

At the Networkers Midwest Volleyball Officials clinic this year, UIUC
head coach Don Hardin talked to the officials a little about the
coach's perspective.  When observing a tight ball handling call early
in the match against his team, he'll think toward the R1: 

        "You're right....but you can't keep that sh*t up for the rest
        of the match." 

The room full of officials had a good laugh, because I think we've all
been in that situation picking too tight a level early in a match
where the ball handling continues to get worse.

As Gordon (I think) said, calling to the level of the players on the
court is important...and challenging.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Jr. National Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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