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Re: Partner calling shots...

"Miguel A. Valle" <> writes:
> Hi there.  This question is for you doubles experts.  What are the calls
> one makes for his/her partner when hitting?  Right now, as soon as I set I
> look at the digger.  If he's digging line I call "cross" and if he's
> digging cross I call "line" ("nobody" if no block).  But I keep hearing
> this other calls: "over", "high line", "cut", etc.  What do these mean?

You seem to already have half the answer.  The call you give your
partner should account for the activities of both defenders.

"Over" just means to roll it over the block, anywhere.  This call
isn't all that useful unless the digger is hopelessly trenched in the
back court such that any short shot will do.

"High line" is a more descriptive "over" call that says the back line
corner is open, so roll it over the block down the line.  

"Over angle" says, roll it over the block, cross court.

"Cut" means that the hardest angle near the net is open.  If, for
example, you set your left-side partner too far inside, the digger
has the left sideline covered, and the blocker has left hard angle
open, "cut" would be an appropriate call.  

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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