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Re: AVP Rule interpretation (My vent on spin)

Tomye jeffrey <> writes:

> > 
> >         Don't take this personal, but I think if you have to ask such a
> > question you need to have more training...
> I agree with Andrew. Any setter worth his salt can take the spin off of
> nearly any pass. 

I agree.  If he doesn't take all the spin off, you can (perhaps) argue
that his technique is shoddy.  However, an experienced referee should
not go blowing a whistle just because he sees some rotation.  That is
Bart's point.

> And please quit comparing bump setting with hand setting. They are
> two completely different skills, with completely different sets of
> rules involving them.  -Tomye

Different skills, yes.  Different rules, absolutely not, at least
under USAV and FIVB indoor rules.

To this end, USAV indoor rules do not even define a "set."  In the
past, the closest 14.4 (Characteristics of the hit) came to
differentiating a hand set from a bump set is the mention of "finger
action."  Even that differentiation has since disappeared from the

Rule 14.4 is very simple.  It applies equally to hand and bump sets.

14.4 Characteristics of the hit

14.4.1  The ball may touch any part of the body.

14.4.2 The ball must be hit, not caught or thrown.  It can rebound in
any direction.

14.4.3 The ball may touch various parts of the body, provided that the
contacts take place simultaneously.  EXCEPTIONS: During blocking, consecutive contacts may occur by
        one or more blockers provided the contacts occur during one 
        action. During the first hit of the team (not blocking), the
        ball may contact various parts of the body consecutively,
        provded that the contacts occur during one action.

Hence, Bart is completely justified in comparing the legality of a
hand set with spin to the legality of a bump set that spins.  It's a
useful analogy and his point is well made.  A rotating ball does not
necessarily indicate multiple contacts or a held ball.  Furthermore, a
non-spinning set is not necessarily legal.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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