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Re: screening on the serve (single blocker, NFHSA interpet.) (Elcapps) writes:
> In article <>, Todd <> writes:
> >Since I'm not an NFHSA official, (or rule book owner) , I can't
> >comment further, but this could very well be something that differs
> >among various ruling bodies.
> Ok Todd, I will do this for you. In NFHSA the rule on screen is as follows:

You da man!

> NFHSA 1997-98 rules book
> Rule 6  The Team: Composition and Positions
> Section 4 Screening
> ART. 1 . . . Players on the serving team shall not take action to prevent
> receivers from seeing the contact of the serve and/or the path of the
> served ball. Potential screens exist, but are not limited to:
> a.  When a player(s) on the serving team waves arms, jumps, moves
>     sideways
> or  stands close to the server, and the ball is served over the
>     player(s).
> b.  When a group of two or more teammates stand close together, and
>     the ball is served over them.

Wow.  This rule sounds a good deal more restrictive than the USAV
rule.  That "but are not limited to" clause is not present in the USAV

I'm curious as to how this is interpreted in the Federation.  Is the
NFHSA less tolerant of individual screens than USAV?  By my
unenlightened comparison of their written rules, it appears so.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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