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Re: screening on the serve (single blocker, hands over head)

"Martha L. Clark" <> writes:
> Last night we had a question about screening.  (We play by USAV rules.)
> The middle blocker on the serving team was standing at the net, with his
> arms out, and his hands were at the level of his head.  This guy was like
> 6'5'' at least, and a player on the receiving team wanted to call him for
> screening the serve, because his hands were at head level.  We checked the
> rules, and the only rule we could find regarding this said that the
> blocker was ok as long as he didn't wave his arms.  My question is this:
> is there a rule that governs the level your arms and hands can be when
> your team is serving?  I mean, can you have them extended straight up over
> your head, or wherever you want them?  I was a member of the officiating
> team, and the middle blocker agreed not to put his arms out for the rest
> of the game, but we still could not find a definitive rule.  

Your reading of the rules was correct.  Under USAV rules, a single
blocker like this can have his arms in any position and at any height
so long as they are not moving.  Hence, the MB's actions here were
completely legal.

Many years ago, I was called for screening like this too.  The referee
explained to me that I was called because my hands were above my head
at the moment of contact for the serve.  This gym (Kettering
Rec. Center in Ohio) played under Federation (NFHSA) rules and used
certified NFHSA officials.

Since I'm not an NFHSA official, (or rule book owner) , I can't
comment further, but this could very well be something that differs
among various ruling bodies.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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