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USAV vs. FIVB rule book detail (was:Re: Substituting for the server?)

Kevin Lentin <> writes:

> Wow, 130 pages? It amazes me how details your book is. The FIVB book is 90
> including diagrams and it's in two languages. There are referee
> instructions and other documents but such things as the rules of scoring
> are limited to what is written on the back of the international scoresheet
> (which MANY refs have never seen).

The USAV book, FWIW, isn't much more detailed than the FIVB one. In
fact, they're rather similar.  Although the USAV rules are entirely in
English, the book has relatively small pages-- about 15cm x 11cm.

And now for the really boring details....

The 1996-97 issue had the rules on pages 13 to 75, hand signals on
pages 76-86, diagrams on 87-100, game proceedures 100-104, 10 pages of
league guidelines, 4 pages of co-ed rules, and scorer's instructions
on pp. 118-139.

The outdoor rules are printed separately in the same publication, but
upside down starting from the back, spanning 51 pages of rules, and
about 16 pages of outdoor scoring instruction.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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