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Re: Rule Question: Mis-Hit attack

"Jerod Stovern" <> writes:

> Rule Set: 
>   Mainly USAV, NFSHS  but also interested in how all rule sets call this.
> Situation:
>   Attacker mis-times the set and barely contacts the ball off of her finger
> tips on a regular, full swing at the ball.  The ball loops up and over the
> block and hits the floor just like a good tip.  It really doesn't roll for
> an extended period of time, just rolls somewhat off the pads of the finger
> tips and VERY briefly.  I'm sure you've all seen this or done this before
> also.
> Question:
>   Should a lift or double contact be called on the hitter or is it simply a
> lucky although UGLY attack?  
>   If a fault, do you call it a lift or a double contact?  
>   If you call it a double contact, would you allow it if the attacker was
> going after an overpass, i.e. first team contact (USAV rules)?

Sounds legal to me.  Just as in the first-contact question that was
posted, a roll off the fingertips is not a fault.  A double contact
call on this would be very inappropriate, especially as the attacking
motion only involves one hand. 

I'd call this the same way in an NAGWS match as well.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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