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Re: what is a back-row attack?

George Yeh <> writes:

> I assume we're talking about USAV rules. This brings up a good
> question. We were told to interpret it the way you mentioned it, but
> in the rulebook itself, it clearly states that once the ball is
> contacted
> completely above the net and the back-row attacker is in front of the
> 10' line, then a violation has occured. It didn't state that it has to
> cross
> the plane of the net in order for it to be illegal. Now, who is right on
> this?

USAV indoor 18.1.2 answers your question.  Stephen is correct:

        An attack-hit is completed the moment the ball completely
        crosses the vertical plane of the net or is touched by a

Under attack hit faults [18.4], it states that the fault occurs only
once the back row attack is _completed_.

> Stephen K. Brown wrote:
> > Don't forget-a back row attack is not a fault UNTIL it either crosses
> > the
> > plane of the net OR is blocked
> > Steve
> > VC Ref

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