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Re: Is there a muted or quiet whistle available?

"Alan Gaus" <> writes:

> We are playing in multi-sport facility and the "shrillness & frequency of
> whistle blowing"  is  disturbing to those using the remainder of the
> facility.
> In an effort to "all get along", we are looking for a quiet, yet effective,
> whistle.
> Thanks.  Jeannie

The only other thing aside from the standard whisles such as the Fox
is a whistle that sounds like a train whistle toot.  They are less
shrill.  If it's a large facility with many adjacent volleyball
courts, you run the risk of the volleyball players not hearing the
signal, though.  

If you want to get creative, the possibilities are endless.  I can
just imagine stepping onto the stand in the facility to see a bicycle
horn clamped to referee stand.  None of these creative gestures is
sanctioned by any ruling body, but if the purpose is to run leagues in
this multi-sport facility, I s'pose you can do whatever works.  If
money is available, perhaps a pleasant electronic chime through some
small PA speakers would be less objectionable.


                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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