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Re: USA Volleyball Rule Changes for 1999 ( in effect FALL 1998) (John Kessel) writes:

> The following are the changes made that will have significant effect
> on volleyball play starting in Fall of 1998:
[good changes omitted]

> One Toss for Serve
> The "service tossing error" rule will no longer be in
> effect. This means the server will only have one toss of the
> ball to execute the service.  Allowing the ball to fall to
> the floor after tossing will result in an illegal service
> and loss of the rally to the opponents. It has been proposed
> that there be a waiver of this rule change for some of the
> younger age groups.  However, no specific information
> regarding the waiver is available at this time.

Oh my.  Did anyone think of recreational volleyball here?

This could be nightmarish as a player dealing with
recreational/inexperienced referees who don't check the readiness of
the players before beckoning for service.  With this change, a player
has no recourse with an official with a quick whistle.  A hasty or
errant serve could easily result.

I wonder why this option was taken versus a single STE per term of
service (like the current outdoor rule which prevents abuse, but still
allows a player a chance against an inexperienced official).  What was
behind this change?

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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