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Re: USA Volleyball Rule Changes for 1999 ( in effect FALL 1998) (Bruno Wolff III) writes:

> Fom article <>, by (Jay Falck):
> ] 
> ] Having played in some of the same recreational leagues as Todd, I know
> ] what he means by needing an STE to allow both teams to set after a
> ] quick whistle.  We have one ref locally (very experienced, plays in
> ] national over 50's maybe even over 70's tournaments) who refuses to
> ] watch the readiness of the receiving team, even after having the quick
> ] whistle pointed out.  On several occassions this season, I have used a
> ] dropped service toss to allow both teams to set.
> ] 
> Has anyone there actually been called for a 5 second violation? In my
> experience quick whistles just get servers to panic and do a dropped
> toss to reset the clock. Unless you are getting qucik whistles and a very
> short 5 seconds, one toss per serve shouldn't be a problem.

This is a valid point--5 seconds is an awfully long time.  What I
still fear, however, are largely untrained referees who hear about
this rule change through the grapevine, and implement it without also
adding a check of receiving and serving teams before they beckon for
service.  Quick whistles that were just annoying before may start
costing people their service due to a referee's procedural error.

As another poster mentioned, this rule change will not significantly
speed up the game, but could make recreational play more frustrating
when playing under uncertified referees.

Still skeptical,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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