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Re: 1998 NFSHSA Rule Changes

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> Joe Arkin wrote in message <6dab02$>...
> >In article <6d7d3k$hj3$> ,
> >writes:
> >There are other changes as well but I'm not even going to waste my
> >time typing them in.  I was _really_ hoping to see the *waist and
> >above* contact rule changed as well as more liberal use of hands on
> >first balls but ... hey ...
> >
> I may not be clear on the rule there as I play AA in the Ontario Volleyball
> Association.  As far as I understand it, you CAN volley the serve.  The ball
> doesn't have to come out clean, as long as you don't carry/lift the ball.
> The way I see it, this is about as liberal as you can get with this rule.

This is the way it is with USAV rules here in the US as well, thanks
to a 1996? rule change.  Joe is epressing the desire for NFSHSA (US
high school sanctioning body) to adopt these changes as well.

Currently under NFSHSA rules (and in US women's collegiate ball,
NAGWS), it is illegal to double contact the first ball if it is
received with the hands.

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