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Re: A thought...

me <> writes:

> the reason vball might not catch on is that
> in football, baseball, even soccer & tennis-
> EVERYONE plays by the same rules-
> from the pros to college to high school to pickup games.

I don't think this is 100% correct.  Soccer, for instance is played
under Soccer Association for Youth (SAY) rules in many parts of the
country...which contain some departures from FIFA rules.

I'm not expert in football, but I know that NFL and collegiate rules
have subtle differences.

I agree that volleyball would be well-served in the US to merge their
rulesets closer to FIVB.  USAV and NAGWS seem to be very close to FIVB
rules.  NFSHSA is moving in this direction as well...albeit not as
fast as some would like.

USAV outdoor rules are also getting closer to FIVB beach rules, thanks
largely to the efforts of the WPVA.

AVP...well, their Rule and Coloring book is one of the least
authoritative and least precise documents I've ever read, and bears
little resemblance to any other ruleset.  However, at a whopping 25
pages, and a 5th grade reading level, it should be easy for spectators
to understand.  

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