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Re: rule question (ball in net again)

"John W. Gyurek" <> writes:

> To whom that can help,
> Folks in my league are exploiting what they beleive is a rule loop hole.
> The situation:
>   A poor pass is directed toward the net casusing the setter to play it
> out of the net.  As soon as the blockers realize this they place a hand
> or fist along the net so that when the ball gets there the ball and net
> contact the fist.  This makes the ball hard to play.  They are claiming
> that the ball brought the net into their hand and they are within the
> rules to do this.  The rule does allow for contact with the net if the
> ball brings the contsct but this intentional contact seems wrong.
> Any comments?

This is a FAQ that hasn't made it into the official rsv FAQ.  See
below for the complete answer, courtesy of myself and Michael Bertz.

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