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Re: New to Group...Needs help Clarifying Rules

Andrew Keller <> writes:

> Hi all, I am AK and I need your help clearing up a few rules that crept
> up on me in volleyball class earlier today! During Sixes, what is the
> rule at any level on blocking a serve?? I don't ever recall seeing this
> in any NCAA games??? People tell me it's legal!! It's pretty cheesy, if
> you ask me....someone in class actually tried it......Geez.....this is
> in a intermediate v-ball pathetic!! 

Blocking serve is illegal under USAV NAGWS and now, high school
(Federation) rules.  It was legal to block serve under high school
rules, but that changed (woo hoo!) this year.

> Here is another one, on a second ball, after receiving a serve, I
> was attempting to set a pass that was extremely tight but clearly on
> my side of the net, the middleblocker takes the offensive initiative
> and slightly reaches over the net and tips the ball away. I claimed
> interference, he said it was legal to do so....I replied "not on a
> attempted set on our side of the net.".........UGGGH..... Who is
> right in this case??

If the ball was no in the plane, and completly on your side, you were

Here's when the blocker can penetrate in such a situation:

If the ball was attacked, the blocker can penetrate and block the ball
while completely on your side of the net.

If the ball is falling near the net: if no one on your team was in a
position to make a play on the ball, the blocker can legally penetrate
and make that play.

If the ball was headed towards the opponent's side of the net if it
remained untouched:  same thing...if no one on your team was in the
vicinity trying to make a play (set) on that ball, the blocker is
allowed to penetrate and block that ball.  

However, if the situation was as you described, you were in the
vicinity of the ball, and were attempting to make a play at it.
Hence, it was illegal for the blocker to contact the ball while it was
completely on your side of the net.

See USAV rule 19.3.

> I could have went to my coach to get clarification, but would rather
> get help from someone outside the situation who can be more
> objective[there's a chance she would be too bias in favor of me, it
> would not be fair for the other guy, what can I say, Coaches pet:-)
> ] . Who is right in this case, please help!!  Well, thanks for
> taking time out to read this, I hope to start posting more.

You have very compelling cases on both counts.  Based on what you have
posted, your understanding of these situations is correct.

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
Todd's Volleyball Referee Page
"So you're a Ref and an engineer? Oh that explains it...."

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