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Re: service reception rule change (beach/outdoor/local rules)

"Scott R. Furtwengler" <> writes:
> Howdy, all
> I would like to post this to get your opinions/reactions as well as vent
> my frustration over the silliness of the following:
> I am on a team in a men's A league (beach). We just started a new season
> Wednesday night and the organizer informed us that recieving serves with
> the overhead pass style is outawed. 


Oh no!  More local leagues trying to make homer rules that confuse
people even more.  Joe Arkin and I will say it loud:

        If multiple sanctioned rulesets in the US is a crime (and it
        is...but we're coping), adding local rules on top of any one
        of them should be a felony.

Standards are a Good Thing.  Proprietary things (including rulesets)
are Bad.

The rule/situation you mention is particularly bad, because the
first-team-contact rules for USAV outdoor are already hugely
misunderstood.  Almost no one really understands the hard-driven ball
clause relates only to lifts/carries, nor do the masses understand why
setting the first ball outdoors is harder to do w/o being called for a
double than it is indoors.  

You're quite right, they don't need a rule that says "overhand passes
on the first ball are illegal" since rules regarding such a contact
already exist, and describe what's a double and what's a carry. What
they need to is simply educate the players on the accepted USAV or
FIVB rule rather than making a pedestrian rule of thumb that confuses
people more than it helps clarify things.  

Education can be found here (I hope):

I worked with the local organization that runs most of the sand
tournaments in the greater Chicago area to create a page on the
tournament web site that clearly spells this out...primarily for my
own sanity during the tournaments in which I played.  I also use this
as an outline for captains meetings in outdoor leagues and

Here, I tried very hard to unambiguously state which rules were being
used for MVP tournaments, and also explain the
most-frequently-misunderstood rules on the beach.  

> During the course of our match I forgot this about three times and
> gave up three points. After the match I asked the organizer why in
> the world such a change in rules was made, especially when the rest
> of the volleyball world (as far as I know) has allowed the overhead
> pass for service reception. His response was that at the captains'
> meeting some of the captains present suggested it should be outlawed
> since so many of the players can't do it well. They voted on it and
> won. I couldn't believe it. 

I wonder how many people voted who have never read a rulebook in its
entirety.  I do feel your pain.  

> Am I being too anal about this?  Or should I protest a little more?
> Scott

No you're not.  I certainly would pursue it further, but I tend to be
a little anal-retentive me-self. :-) 

Really, it's insulting to A players to have unnecessary local rules.
Pick a recognized sanctioned ruleset such as USAV Beach and use it!
If you have an extraordinaryly good reason for doing so, add a local
rule concerning match format, etc., but leave the ball handling rules
alone.  There are too many variations and misconceptions running
around the US already.

Ah....I feel better now.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
Todd's Volleyball Referee Page
"So you're a Ref and an engineer? Oh that explains it...."

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