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Re: rule question (block/attack ball in plane)

"Kevin" <> writes:
> This question has been brought up more and more as I play and I'd
> like to get an "official's" answer...
> Exactly when can the plane of the net be crossed?

Hmm.  By whom or what?  I'll read further.

> Example - Team A receives serve and makes a pass to the setter. The
> setter puts up a set that is very tight to the net.  If the ball is
> clearly on A's side, then B cannot touch it, correct?  

Ah.  I see.  In Rules-ese, this refers to a potential "illegal block
beyond the plane of the net."

The complete story can be had (I love it!) here:

and see rules 16.2 and 19.3 of 

B can touch the ball once any part of the ball enters the plane of the
net.  There are situations where the B blocker can touch the ball
before it enters the plane.  Read rule 19.3 for those situations.

> Conversely, if the ball does cross the plane, can A reach over and
> make contact before B has touched the ball once?  One arguement has
> been that since A still had one more hit, they're allowed to contact
> it if they can reach it.

Once any part of the ball enters the plane, it's fair game for either

If the ball has crossed completely beyond the plane of the net into
B's playing space, A can no longer play it.  See 16.2.3

> Another has said that once it crosses the plane, it is now B's ball
> to do with what they can.

Correct.  Once the ball _completely_ crosses the plane (no part of the
ball is in the plane of the net any longer).

> This question applies to rec leagues and open (non-sanctioned) play.

Where USA Volleyball rules are usually in effect.  Check with your
local league director to make certain.  

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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