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Re: Rule Q: Substitutions writes:
> Is it true that all substitution must take place in the back line?
> I wanted to play the front line and then have another player come in
> to play the whole back line, but the ref told me, that in order for
> me to come in and play the front line, I must at least play one
> position in the back line.  So I ended up playing positions 5, 4, 3,
> and 2, while the other guy was only playing 1 and 6.

No.  There is no such rule in USA Volleyball, NAGWS, NFHSA, or FIVB
rules.  This must either be a local league rule, or the referee is
being extremely inventive.

Have a look and/or print out rule 11 "Substitution" of the USA
Volleyball indoor rules.  They're (hee hee!) on-line here:

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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