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Re: New NCAA Rules?

"ken Skacel" <> writes:
> When I look at the AVCA web site, under 'Collegiate Game', I see on the
> bottom: 'USA Volleyball Announces New Rules Changes For 1999', which
> describes the new rules (FIBV type) for 1999/2000 season and states that
> these will be adopted as of November 1, 1999.
> Do I read it right: the new rule changes will not effect NCAA D1 women for
> 1999/2000 season but it will effect the NCAA D1 men's season 1999/2000?

This content on the web site appears to be Tom Blue's post here in announcing USAV rule changes for next year.  The
URL to which you're referring is 

Notice the similarity of this page to the official USAV page: 

The women play under NAGWS rules, so you are correct.  These USAV rule
changes do not (directly) affect the women's game.  They have their
own (separate) rule changes.  However, there are a number of NAGWS
rule changes for next year as well.  

The NCAA men play (I belive) under USAV rules, so these changes would
(I believe) affect mens play directly.  Disclaimer:  I've little to no
interaction with NCAA men's volleyball, so I welcome any confirmation
or denial of NCAA men's use of USAV rules.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
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