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Re: Reverse Co-ed 4's - Men near the net

Matthew Strode Weaver <> writes:
> Is this true that men can never block at the net in reverse coed rules?
> In all of the tournaments I have played in the men were allowed to block,
> but only on the attempted attack of anouther man.  This prevented the men
> from blocking the women but allowed the guys to try and control the other
> male player.  HAs my organization been wrong in allowing this all these
> years?

Are you sure you were playing reverse co-ed (on a women's height net)
and not regular co-ed (which is played on a men's net)?  

Reverse co-ed is not all that popular.  The definitive aspects of
reverse co-ed are that men aren't allowed to attack without using an
hitting the ball with an upward trajectory, and men are not allowed to
participate in a block.  Reverse co-ed is therefore played on a
women's height net.

Even if you were playing regular co-ed rules, your organization seems
to have added a "homer" rule.  Regular USAV mixed beach rules do not
restrict men from blocking female attackers.

The USAV Beach rulebook is here:

See the "Blocking" and "Attack" sections for more details.

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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