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Re: Contact under net . . . (completely in own playing space)

David Hwang <dhwang@Eng.Sun.COM> writes:
> Here's something that happened to me a couple of months ago:
> I go up and hit a 2 ball. It gets soft-blocked and stays on their side
> of the net. I come down, and am standing completely on my side of the
> centerline. The dig ends up being a lob toward the net, but low
> enough that it is heading under the net. The setter reaches under the
> net to my side of the centerline, and in an attempt to pull the ball
> back, whacks me in the hip.
> Call? Ref calls me for interference. Mind you, I am on my side of the
> net, and actually have my back to the net, figuring I had actually put
> the ball away. I was rendered completely speechless by the absurdity of
> that call.

Sounds like an inexperienced call.

Indoors, I don't see how the referee could charge you with that.  Per
my earlier post, the indoors rules [USAV 16.5] do not describe any
faults for a player completely within their playing space, as you
describe above.  You could protest this call unless the referee judged
that your hip was in the opponent's playing space.

Outdoors, however, one could be called for interference if, in the
referees judgement, the player "intentionally interferes with an
opposing player's legal attempt to play the ball." [USAV O15.2.1.2]

Note that it is legal to attempt to play a ball which has (even
completely) crossed under the net within the teams 3 team contacts
under USAV outdoor rules.[USAV O14.1.2]

See also:

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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