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Re: USAV Rules not on the web; USAV's response

Here's USAV Senior Director Margie Mara's response to my "Rules on the
Web" inquiry, posted here with her permission.  Looks like things are
happily moving in the direction of electronic distribution, but
nothing will happen before this coming February.  :-)

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
Todd's Volleyball Referee Page
"So you're a Ref and an engineer? Oh that explains it...."


Dear Todd,

Thank you for all the time and energy that you have put into your very
well thought out and presented ideas on how and why the USAV rules
should be available on the Internet.  Your comments and those of
others have rekindled the debate within USAV as to the pros and cons
of this action.

Currently there are a few obstacles that must be cleared before any
action can be taken.  First, USAV is in a partnership with the AVCA in
the form of VIP.  This partnership will end and be reconfigured on
February 1, 1999.  Until that date, USAV can and will not move without
the agreement of their partner, AVCA.  After than, USAV will be free
to make this decision independently.

The USAV Executive Committee will meet in Colorado Springs next
weekend, August 15-16.  At that time, we will ask for guidance on how
to proceed.  Certainly the material that John Kessel has collected
from folks such as yourself will aid in making the decision on how to
move forward.

I hope that when the time comes for us to take action, your generous
offer of assistance will still be available.  I would like to continue
this dialogue with you after the meeting of the Executive Committee.
I enjoy reading the information that you have on your site.  The
future holds even greater possibilities,

Thanks again.  Margie Mara

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From: Todd []
Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 1998 11:05 AM
To: USAV Senior Director
Subject: USAV rules, the web, increased membership, increased revenue

Ms. Mara,

Attached is a case I presented to various USAV leaders regarding the
availability of the USAV rules on the web.  Your name has come up as a
primary contact person in feedback I have received.

As I understand it, the current plan is to release the rules on the
web for one year and see if rulebook sales are adversely affected.
This is great news, and a great step forward for the sport.

Since the fate of the rules on the web will be dictated by rulebook
sales in the first, year, it's quite important for the rules web site
to be put together right the first time.  That is, if sustaining or
increasing rulebook sales is a priority, this criterion must be
thoroughly addressed in the layout and design of the web site.

Some points to consider:

	o Site must be structured to score well on search engines.  Since
	  my rules site rates very well on this count, I may be able to
	  assist with this.
	o Make it somehow inconvenient to print out all rules (perhaps one
	  rule per page)
	o Prominent banner advertising of the printed rulebook on all

Best Regards,
Todd H
USAV Regional Referee
Great Lakes Region, Palatine IL
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