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Re: Yellow Card now costs a point

Drew Kalapach <> writes:
> Kevin Lentin wrote:
> > wrote:
> > > The new FIVB rules are out, and a Yellow Card is no longer a
> > > warning, but will cost you a point. A Red Card means your out
> > > for the game, and A Red and Yellow means your out for the match.
> Thank God this isn't hockey..... They would never finish a game for
> lack of players on both sides....

Uh oh, we've hit Drew's rules change nerve.  ;-)

Not to appears to be a mere procedural change to the FIVB
rules.  The penalties for the infractions have remained the same, just
the color of the cards is different.

    Namely, unsportsmanlike conduct still receives no penalty, just a
    verbal or hand signal warning according to the FIVB rules.  The
    change is that a yellow card is no longer shown for this.
    Rude conduct, or repeated unsportsmanlike conduct still gets you a
    loss of rally.  They used to show red, now they yellow.
    Offensive conduct or repeated rude conduct still gets you booted
    from the game.  They used to show yellow/red together, now they
    show red.
    Aggressive conduct or repeated offensive conduct still gets you
    booted from the match.  They used to show yellow/red apart, now
    they show yellow/red together.

The only salient differnce I can find in the new rules is that the
penalty for repetition of unsportsmanlike conduct now has a match
scope rather than a game scope.  That is, in the previous FIVB rules
(and in current USAV rules), you get be unsportsmanlike once each
game, and keep getting warned (no penalty).  The new FIVB rule would
hit your team with a loss of rally on the 2nd occurrence of
unsportmanlike conduct, even if it's not in the same game.  

I'm really curious on what the motivation behind this was.  I see the
yellow card a useful tool for telling a player to calm down without
hurting their team any.  Did the FIVB make some decision to get into a
more soccer-like card definition, or was there a need to put teeth
into a yellow card?  

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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